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Effective Hand Drying

The most effective type of hand dryer is one which is hygienic, quick, quiet, and energy efficient. 

Hand dryers usually work in one of two ways. Either using warm air to evaporate moisture from the hands, or a high-speed jet of air that blows the water away. Hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 feature powerful jets of air that dry the user’s hands quickly and effectively.

Drying Hands Faster

Ensuring that hand dryers are as energy efficient as possible is important. With rising costs for electricity, and a need for businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, technology that reduces consumption of electricity is helpful. Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers require as little as 490w when running in eco mode. This lower energy usage is possible because the dryers do not require a heating element and use ultra-efficient motors to power the fans.

The importance of good hygiene cannot be overstated. Here, jet hand dryers are also extremely effective. Using a no touch design featuring a proximity sensor to detect when the dryer needs to run means that there is no button where germs can be spread. Additionally, by using a jet to blow water away rather than simply evaporating it, any germs which are suspended in the water will be removed rather than being left as residue on the skin.

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