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Drying Your Hands with Hand Dryers

We should all wash our hands regularly throughout the day. Removing potentially harmful bacteria before they can grow protects our health and that of those around us and stops the spread of infections. Good hand washing with soap and water should be part of every visit to the bathroom, but to ensure that hands are clean, it is also essential that we dry properly afterwards.

Modern hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 models use a high-speed jet of air to blow water from your skin after washing.

Unlike old fashioned hand dryers which used warm air, a jet dryer does not leave a residue of germs or bacteria suspended in the water behind on your skin, meaning that they are cleaner.

No Touch Hygienic Hand Dryers

Although bathroom facilities are cleaned regularly, germs can still build up on any surfaces that are touched. Button operated hand dryers can be a source of contamination for people who have just washed their hands. With automatic hand dryers, there is no need to push a button, which means that users can avoid a potential source of germs. The choice of materials used to manufacture bathroom appliances is also important. The use of anti-bacterial surfaces prevents the build up of harmful pathogens, and makes the cleaning process easier, removing the need to use as many harmful chemicals to ensure proper hygiene standards are met.

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Ensuring bathroom hygiene in workplaces, venues and schools is essential. Find out more about how installing Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers can help stop the spread of germs. Contact us today to request a demo.

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