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Drying Your Hands

Hand dryers are an important part of good hygiene. Ensuring that users can wash and dry their hands quickly and with minimal surface contact helps to reduce the spread of germs in a workplace or school environment and protects health.

Hand dryers work in one of two ways, either using warm air to force moisture to evaporate from skin or using a fast-moving jet of air to blow the water away.

Better Hand Drying

Old fashioned evaporative hand dryers require the user to rub their hands together below the nozzle, and this can take some time, and may result in hands being less clean. Any dirt or germs that are contained in the water on the user’s hands will be left as a residue on their skin, meaning that they will leave the bathroom with hands that are not fully clean.

By comparison, a modern hand dryer that uses fast moving jet of air to remove moisture does not leave that dried residue behind, meaning cleaner hands. 

With a jet hand dryer, there is no need for the user to rub their hands together while drying, and almost all the water, with any contaminants will be blown safely away. On a hands under dryer, the airflow is directed down and away from the user, while on a hands in dryer like the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01, water that is blown off the skin is captured in a small reservoir.

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