How to Master the Art of Hand Drying

Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel has employed a 6th Dan black belt martial arts expert to help keep the nation’s hands more hygienic.

High-speed hand dryer campaign launched to combat mess, noise and inefficiency

In 1992, new advances in compact DC brushless motor technology were developed at the Nakatsugawa Works, a Mitsubishi Electric factory located in Central Japan. While thinking of applications for the new motor, engineers came up with the novel idea of using high-powered jets of air to rapidly blow water off of the hands instead of relying on evaporation like conventional electric dryers. As a result, the Jet Towel was officially released in 1993 and hand drying has not been the same ever since.

26 years and 9 versions later, Mitsubishi launches a campaign for us all to use hand dryers as they should be used and lays bare the technologies that have the biggest impact on performance, speed and efficiency and the quietest high-speed dryer on the market.

Mastering the Art of Hand Drying – Combat Mess

Neil Butler of Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel explains why the company has employed a 6th Dan black belt martial arts expert to help keep the nation’s hands more hygienic as part of the new campaign;

“A large proportion of people using hand dryers in public / communal amenities leave without fully drying their hands. When questioned on this, the most popular answer that came back was that “it was taking too long”. Bacteria and germs spread far more easily on wet hands than they do dry hands, and most people do not use air-curtain hand dryers correctly – so, there was a challenge for us.”

To combat this, we have worked with our Japanese colleagues and local martial arts expert Matt Ballard to develop a martial art move we can all learn in a few seconds, that will help protect from the spread of viruses and bacteria. We have produced a hand drying video to show just how fast you can walk away with dry hands when given the right equipment and the right Jidō Kansō move.

We have also published a Study called “The Art of Hand Drying” which provides you with a comparative study of the hygiene impact of using various hand drying methods, including high-speed air-curtain style hand dryers.

Mastering the Art of Noise Reduction – Combat Noise

What exactly is the impact of noise created by electric hand dryers and can it be reduced? Our study “The Art of Noise Reduction” assesses the impact of noise and establishes how some products can reduce environmental noise, to the benefit of users, particularly in places where quietness is a necessity.

Mastering the Art of Efficient Design

Our articles on Efficient Design reveal in detail the design and engineering features that distinguish Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel Slim and Smart high-speed hand dryers. Like martial arts, we combat inefficiency and keep focused on maximum efficiency and minimum effort by design.

The reports and video will benefit specifiers and facility managers anywhere with washroom facilities which have multiple demands from hygiene to noise abatement and where environmental, cost and design pressures need to be equally balanced.

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