Master the Art of Noise Reduction

Three revelations about noise reduction in hand dryers

They say empty vessels make the most noise. The proverb can equally be applied to a person as to automatic hand dryers in public washrooms. Ill-conceived hand dryers that lack the right engineering can turn rooms into terribly loud vessels, while carefully designed ones can be whisper quiet.

Mitsubishi electric has produced a study paper explaining exactly what the impact of noise created by electric hand dryers is and how it can be reduced. You can download “The Art of noise Reduction” which assesses the impact of noise on users and the surrounding areas and establishes where the operating parameters that can reduce environmental noise.

The study is part of Mitsubishi’s Electric commitment to developing quiet hand dryers; By improving the design of high-speed air-curtain hand dryers since 1993, it has effectively mastered the art of noise reduction. Jet Towel Slim (hands-in model) and Smart (hands-under model) have a noise output between 56 and 60 decibel (dB). This means that their noise level can be compared to a conversation or to an air conditioning unit positioned over 30 metres away.

So, how can hand dryers be piped down?

Here are the main insights from Mitsubishi Electric on how to make quieter hand dryers:

1. Want to reduce hand dryer noise? Try not to create it in the first place

Prevention is better than cure – which is why Mitsubishi Electric designed its Jet Towels to eliminate or optimise any features that cause noise rather than merely implementing reactive solutions. They include highly efficient motors and air ducts to ensure the air can flow as smoothly and quietly as possible.

Bonus point: It takes energy to create extraneous noise, by including less noisy features Jet Towel high-speed air-curtain hand dryers are instantly saving energy

2. Even hand dryer dust filters can work as silencers

No matter how good and efficient a hand dryer is, it will always make some noise. To further reduce sound emissions, different parts of hand dryers can be used to absorb noise and vibrations. The motor compartment, the outer casing, as well as the dust filters in Jet Towel Slim and Smart all contribute to making them even quieter than they would be already.

3. Eliminate the most annoying sounds and frequencies from hand dryers

Some sounds are more annoying than others. That’s why Mitsubishi Electric didn’t simply reduce the overall noise level, but also worked hard to minimise Jet Towels’ sound signature. One important part of this development is to cut out the extreme frequency sounds that can be particularly penetrating, especially to children and elderly people. Removing particularly high or low frequencies makes for quieter hair dryers.

Thanks to these three considerations, Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towels are the quietest high-speed air-curtain hand dryers on the market.

Become a Master in The of Noise Reduction with Jet Towel Slim or Smart and turn your washroom into a more peaceful and quieter environment.

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