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All hand dryers will make some noise in use – sound generated by the movement of air and the fan motor running can never be completely removed, however innovative design, and the use of Wave technology minimises the amount of noise produced by Mitsubishi Electric’s Wave i01 and Wave u02 to the point where they are the perfect solution for public and quiet spaces.

Silent, or more accurately, quiet hand dryers work by minimising the amount of air they disturb and reducing the amount of noise from internal components.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave Quiet Hand Dryers

Efficient Fan Design

The design of the fans used within a hand dryer shapes the flow of air. The number and curvature of the blades, coupled with the rotation speed can cause “pulses” in the air which are audible as the air escapes. A faster, efficiently design fan will help to smooth out the airflow, eliminating pulsing and therefore reducing any auditable sound.

Carefully Directed Airflow

The internal ducting and nozzle design of a hand dryer are also major contributors to the amount of noise produced. By carefully designing the ducting to optimise efficiency and creating a “curtain” of clear air using Wave technology, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers minimise the amount of turbulence that is created in the surrounding atmosphere.

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