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Why Quieter Hand Dryers are Important

The noise from older designs of hand dryers can easily escape from bathrooms and create a disturbance in the surrounding areas.  In offices and schools, this can affect concentration and disturb work while in restaurants and other hospitality venues, it can negatively affect customer enjoyment.  In industrial and high traffic areas, unwanted additional noise can be a health and safety risk.

Why are hand dryers so noisy?

Older hand dryers use warm air that is blown over a heating element to help water evaporate from the user’s hands as they rub them together after washing.  The design of evaporative hand dryers means that they can create as much as 87dB of noise when in use – that’s the equivalent of heavy traffic nearby.

The reason why older hand dryers make so much noise is because of the way they work.  For air to be warmed enough to allow it to evaporate water into steam, it needs to move relatively slowly over the heating element.  Because the air is moving slowly, a larger nozzle is required to allow sufficient air to flow to make a difference.

A wide nozzle means that the air coming out of the hand dryer is highly turbulent, moving in multiple directions and carrying the noise with it.  The size of the nozzle also means that there is nothing between the fan and motor that can reduce the noise levels.

As a result of the combination of turbulence moving a lot of air and significant amounts of noise from the motor, the overall outcome is sound that can penetrate through walls and leak easily into surrounding areas.

How Quieter Hand Dryers Can Help

Jet hand dryers work in a completely different way to traditional models, and this significantly reduces the amount of noise that they make when in use.

A jet hand dryer works by moving air at high speed through a narrow slot shaped nozzle.  This has two main advantages in reducing the amount of noise escaping.

The first is that the sound of the fan and motor is better shielded.  The internal aerodynamics of a jet hand dryer that are used to accelerate the air from the fan creates an effective sound barrier that prevents noise leaking.  This is further improved using sound insulation on the exterior of the hand dryer.

The second reason why jet hand dryers are so much quieter is the nozzle itself and the way it shapes air into a curtain.  The air moves rapidly through a very narrow slot.  This means that the airflow is much smoother without the turbulence that generates a lot of the sound.

A modern quiet hand dryer such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 emits just 57dB of noise when in use.  This is the equivalent of a quiet conversation between two people and as a result, the sound is much less likely to pass through walls and doors where it can disturb people in the surrounding area.

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