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Hand Dryers Can be Quieter

The Mitsubishi Wave range of hand dryers are much quieter than conventional products. While a conventional hand dryer might cause between 85-100Db of noise, the i01 produces just 59Db even when running at high power – this is less than a quarter of the volume and much less disruptive. This quietness comes from the design and engineering choices that were made during the manufacturing process and have the benefit of making these dryers more energy efficient because less power is wasted as noise.

Noise is created in multiple ways within a hand dryer, so a combination of features is required in quiet hand dryers to achieve lower noise output.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave Quiet Hand Dryers

Improving Air Flow

A turbulent air flow can contribute a significant part of the noise generated by a hand dryer. This can be resolved through fan and duct design that allows the air to flow more smoothly through the dryer. 

Quieter Motors

The amount of noise generated by the motor of a hand dryer can be affected by the quality and maintenance of the device. Over time, without good lubrication of the bearings, the motor might start to cause extra unwanted noises that can make a dryer even louder. The design of the motor also plays a part in this. 

A more efficient motor uses less power, and this means less energy is wasted as noise. Using higher quality components will mean that the motor will last longer and produce less noise.

Insulation and Sound Dampening

The design of an electrical appliance, particularly one that generates a lot of heat needs to balance the amount of insulation it has with good ventilation to prevent overheating. Mitsubishi Electric Wave Hand Dryers feature innovative sound insulation designs that maximise sound reduction through the use of air filters that prevent extra noise from escaping.

Acoustic Signatures

Some noises can be more annoying and create more disturbance than others. This relates to the different frequencies that make up the overall sound – the acoustic signature. Extremely high and low frequency sound waves can be irritating and even cause pain and hearing damage.

Careful consideration of how Mitsubishi Wave hand dryers are designed minimises the production of noise at high and low frequencies, which means that the overall acoustic signature is more neutral and as a result, causes less disturbance.

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