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How Effective are Silent Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are designed to displace moisture from a surface to dry it through a combination of air movement, evaporation and in some cases using heat. When designing a hand dryer, engineers need to consider a variety of factors including the temperature and air speed to maximise drying while remaining as energy efficient and quiet as possible.

One way to reduce the amount of noise a hand dryer makes is to reduce the amount of air which is being pushed through the system. Slower moving air will create much less noise because it creates less turbulence and requires less fan power, however if the air is moving too slowly, it will not be enough to remove water from hands and the dryer will not work effectively.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave Silent Hand Dryers

Mitsubishi Electric’s Wave hand dryers use our patented Wave® nozzle technology. This creates a narrow band of fast-moving air that is highly effective at removing moisture from hands without disturbing the surrounding are as much as a conventional dryer. 

The fan motor in a hand dryer is another major contributor to the amount of noise produced. Good sound insulation can reduce the amount of noise that escapes from the dryer; however, this needs to be balanced with heat dissipation – if heat from the motor and the air heater cannot be adequately removed, the dryer can overheat.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Wave hand dryers use a combination of internal airflow and motor design to allow for more sound insulation to be installed, which means that the sound can be reduced without risking damage to the motor or reducing efficiency.

The noise from a hand dryer is wasted energy. Well designed, quieter hand dryer can be more efficient as less energy is wasted, which can help reduce electricity usage as well as causing less noise pollution.

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