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What are Silent Hand Dryers

Many companies offer what they call “silent hand dryers,” but in truth, there is no such thing. A hand dryer works by blowing air over the hands, and this inevitably causes some noise. Whether from the fan or the movement of air itself, there will always be some noise from a hand dryer, but there are ways to reduce the amount of noise to levels which are more comfortable without affecting performance.

What makes a hand dryer silent

Mitsubishi Electric’s Wave hand dryers are some of the quietest on the market. At normal power levels, they operate at below 60DB compared to an average of more than 85DB for conventional models (An increase of 10DB doubles the audible sound level). In practice this means Mitsubishi Electric’s Wave hand dryers emit about the same sound level as a conversation rather than a subway train! While this does not make them a silent hand dryer, it does mean that they are much less intrusive without compromising on their effectiveness.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Wave hand dryers use a narrow stream of air rather than a large nozzle. This means that less air needs to be moved and that the air is better directed at the area that needs to be dried. The focused air creates less turbulence in the surrounding atmosphere which means that there is much less noise. Couple this with a more efficient fan and internal ducting that smoothly controls air flow, and near silent operation is possible.

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