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How you can reduce noise disruption in office spaces

Acoustic design is a key part of the development process for any new building, and this can extend to the placement of bathrooms and the choice of which hand dryers will be specified.  Choosing quieter hand dryers means that the amount of noise that leaks out from bathrooms into the rest of the building is reduced and creates a more productive environment.

How Much Noise Do Typical Hand Dryers Make

A typical evaporative hand dryer is surprisingly noisy.  In use, hand dryers can make as much as 85dB of sound.  This is the equivalent of a truck passing at a close distance.  While this noise is not high enough to damage hearing, it can spread out from a bathroom into surrounding areas and disturb people nearby.  This is a particular problem in workplaces and schools where it can disturb work and affect lessons.  In hospitality premises, noise from bathrooms can affect the atmosphere and give guests a negative experience.

What Causes Hand Dryer Noise

The design of conventional hand dryers creates noise in several ways.  Most of the noise is because of turbulent air flowing from the dryer nozzle.  Although the air is moving at a relatively low speed, it can buffet against nearby walls and flat surfaces.

The secondary source of noise from conventional hand dryers is the sound of the fan and motor assembly.  The nozzle through which the air is blown over the heating element is large and does not create a barrier between the fan and the exterior.  This means that the full noise of the motor can be heard.  As a hand dryer ages, the amount of noise can increase due to wear on the components and increased friction from the motor as the bearings degrade.

Jet hand Dryers are quieter

Unlike conventional models, quiet hand dryers, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range use a fast-moving jet of air to remove water from the skin.  This jet of air is blown through a narrow slot-like nozzle that smooths the flow and removes turbulence meaning less noise.

In addition to the naturally quieter airflow, the design of a jet hand dryer such as the Wave u02 allows for more soundproofing to be installed into the casing and prevent motor noise from escaping.

As a result of the design, the Mitsubishi Wave emits as little as 59dB of sound in use – this is the equivalent of a normal conversation and much less likely to spread into surrounding areas, which creates a much quieter environment.

Find Out More

To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of low noise hand dryers and learn how they could reduce disturbance when installed as part of your building project, please contact us to arrange a demo.

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