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Fitting Hand Dryers in the Best Place

hen designing the bathrooms in your upcoming project, there are several things to consider including their how their layout and equipment can create a more positive experience for users.  In addition to standard building requirements such as the number of sinks and hand dryers that should be fitted, there are also steps you can take that will make the bathrooms work more effectively for users.

Minimising Usage Time

On average, the amount of time spent using a bathroom in the workplace is more than three minutes.  There are steps that you can take to reduce this slightly, which will have a positive effect on overall productivity.

Consider the steps that a user will take through the bathroom when using it.  From entry to exit there are several stages in every visit including walking from the door to the toilet, and then to the sink, hand dryer, and finally to the exit.  By planning a route through the bathroom with minimum crossovers, you can reduce traffic and congestion at key points.  Minimising the distance that a user will need to walk to the dryer after using the sink will also help to reduce the amount of water that can fall to the floor from wet hands that could become a slip hazard.  Note that as an electrical appliance, unless they are rated as IPx4 for water resistance, for safe use, hand dryers should be at least 60cm from a source of water.

Minimising disruption in the surrounding area

Conventional hand dryers can be noisy.  The wide nozzle design of a warm air hand dryer and the exposed fan and motor mean that they can generate 87dB of sound in normal operation.  This is the equivalent of heavy traffic.  This noise can often escape into the surrounding area of the building which may cause distraction in a workplace or disturb customers in a hospitality setting.

Choosing a quieter hand dryer design such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 can significantly reduce the amount of noise that is generated (the u02 is rated at 57dB, the equivalent of a normal conversation), but careful positioning of the hand dryers will also minimise the disturbance.

Avoid placing hand dryers directly opposite the door to the bathroom, or against walls that are adjacent to the surrounding public areas.  This will help to reduce the amount of sound that is heard nearby.

Mounting Height

Different users have different needs when it comes to the placement of hand dryers in a bathroom.  When planning the space, ensure that the mounting height of hand dryers in the bathroom is appropriate to the people using them.

Typically, in a bathroom for adult males, the mounting height for a hands-under hand dryer should be 1170mm above the ground, while a hands in dryer should be 1050mm above floor level.  For female and mixed bathrooms, the heights should be 1120mm and 1000mm respectively.  Where bathrooms will be used by children, the mounting heights should be appropriate to the age group.  This mounting height for hand dryers in children’s bathrooms will range from 810mm for 4-7years up to 1120mm for 13-17 years.  In disabled bathrooms, it is usually best to fit a hands-under design for easier access, with the mounting height at 940mm above the ground

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Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers are a fast, hygienic, and efficient choice for the bathrooms in your building.  Contact us today to learn more about specifying our products use in your next project or request a demonstration.

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