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Different Kinds of Hand Dryer

When choosing the right hand dryer for your needs, there are several considerations.

Different Ways of Drying Hands 

There are two main ways in which hand dryers work. Older models tend to combine a fan with a heater to blow warm air over the user’s hands while more efficient, modern hand dryers use a fast-moving jet of air to remove water from the skin.

Jet hand dryers can be much more efficient. The rapidly moving air dries hands more quickly, and without the need to use a fan, less energy is needed.

What Kind of Hand Dryer is best for you

Hands in or Hands Under

By removing the need for a heater and speeding up the air flow, jet hand dryers are available in both “hands in” and “hands under” designs. A “hands under” dryer is often more suited to situations where accessibility is a concern. The dryer can be easier to use for people with mobility issues and children who might not be able to reach into a hands in dryer.

Hands In dryers create less spray, trapping the water in a small, easily emptied tank.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic hand dryers which start and stop by using a sensor to detect a hand in the air flow are much more hygienic. Automatic hand dryers are no-touch designs which are more hygienic and prevent the spread of germs between users.

Find Out More

To learn more about the different kinds of hand dryer and find the best models for your needs, please talk to a member of our team, and book a demonstration of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range.

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