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The Best Hand Dryer Styles

Ensuring good hygiene is essential in preventing the spread of germs in a workplace or school and installing the best kind of hand dryer for your needs in bathrooms is a key step in helping.

The best kind of hand dryer works quickly, is energy efficient, and minimises noise disruption.

Jet hand dryers are ultra-efficient. They work by blowing moisture away from the skin, rather than using a heater, which means that hands are dried more quickly, and less energy is used because no heater is required, and the time taken to dry the hands is shorter.

Choosing a Hand Dryer

As well as working more quickly, a jet hand dryer like the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 is also quieter in use than conventional models. Lower noise emissions by quiet hand dryers are achieved using sound dampening and a narrower nozzle that accelerates air while creating less of the turbulence that makes traditional hand dryer designs noisy.

To maintain good hygiene, the best kinds of hand dryer are automatic. This means that users do not need to touch the system when in use and allows for easier cleaning. The use of anti-bacterial surface materials prevents germs from being able to thrive and helps protect the health of users.

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