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In larger buildings, the annual electricity cost can be extremely high, and as part of efforts to achieve Net Zero goals, it is important to consider different ways to
reduce your energy use and environmental impact. Choosing more efficient appliances can help to lower consumption. Hand dryers are a key area where choosing an ultra-efficient model such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 or i01 can help significantly.

What makes a hand dryer more efficient

Method of drying

The design of a hand dryer has a major impact on the amount of electricity it uses.

The biggest factor in electricity use is the drying method. Conventional warm airhand dryers are extremely inefficient due to their design. Older hand dryers use a heater to warm a stream of air that is blown slowly over the user’s hands causing the water to evaporate from the skin. Even though the airflow is directedtowards the hands, most of the hot air that is generated is wasted, simply contributing to the background heat in the bathroom.

A jet hand dryer does not require a heater to warm the air. Instead of using evaporation to dry the hands, the fast-moving air simply blows over the skin to remove the water which also has the benefit of removing any soap or germs from the skin rather than leaving a residue.

Faster operation

The biggest disadvantage of a traditional hand dryer is the length of time taken to dry the hands. With evaporation it can take between 30 seconds and a minute for the hands to be dried fully, and electricity is being used throughout the process. A modern jet hand dryer carries out the task in as little as 10 seconds meaning that far less electricity is used during when in operation.

Cost impact

An ultra efficient hand dryer that uses dries the hands quickly can have a significant impact on overall energy use.

Over the course of a year in an environment such as an office where the dryer is used 100 times daily, a conventional hand dryer will have running costs of about £33 annually and be responsible for an average of 108Kg of CO2 emissions.

By comparison, the ultra-efficient Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 hand dryer costs less than a third as much (£10) and is responsible for just 35Kg of CO2 making it both cheaper and better for the environment.

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For more information about how a choosing a more efficient hand dryer from the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range could help you reduce your energy consumption, please contact us today to request a demonstration or download our brochures.

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