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When choosing new hand dryers for the bathrooms in your building, it is important to consider a variety of factors including lifetime cost, energy use and design, but a paramount part of your decision-making process should be the impact on overall cleanliness and the prevention of infections.

Choosing modern, hygienic hand dryers for your project can help improve health in your building.

The importance of drying hands

After using the bathroom, it can be tempting to save time by not using hand dryers or paper towels to remove moisture from your hands, but actually, drying the hands is an important part of the cleaning process.

During washing, some germs and bacteria can be left on the skin, and if the hands are not dried, these germs will be carried into the workplace. Wet hands can also be a health and safety hazard. In a manufacturing environment such as a factory, where electrical plant is used, wet hands could lead to electric shocks.

Different types of hand dryer

There are two main types of hand dryer. Traditional warm air hand dryers and more modern jet hand dryers like the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 and u02

With warm air hand dryers, the user rubs their hands together in a slow-moving column of warm air and the moisture evaporates from their skin. This
can leave a residue of soap on the skin. Modern jet hand dryers use a narrow, fast-moving jet of air to blow the droplets of water from the skin.

This is not only more hygienic, but also faster and more efficient.

Hand dryers vs paper towels

Paper towels are sometimes considered as an alternative to electric hand dryers, however they can be much more costly and worse for the environment, as well as being less effective at maintaining hygiene.

Additionally, the costs of constant maintenance increases logistics and costs.

The manufacturing of paper towels consumes a great deal of energy, and the resulting waste must be sent to landfill because hygiene products cannot be properly recycled. Hand dryers create no additional waste, and modern designs are highly energy efficient meaning that they cost much less over the course of a year.

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