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Making Buildings More Energy Efficient

The rising costs of energy and the need to reduce emissions on a global scale is a driving force in construction and facilities management.  With modern, energy efficient Workplace Hand Dryers, it is possible to make a significant difference to electricity use in a building which can result in impressive cost savings.

How much money do efficient hand dryers save

Conventional evaporative hand dryers work by blowing warm air over a user’s hands to remove moisture after washing.  These dryers require quite high levels of energy to power both the fan and heating element and are slow to work with a drying time higher than 30seconds.

Jet hand dryers are much faster in operation.  Rather than needing to remove moisture through heat, they simply blow the droplets of water off the skin, and can work in as little as 10 seconds.

Faster operation, coupled with a more efficient fan design and the reduced need for heating means that an energy efficient Hand Dryer such as the Mitsubishi Electric u02 can save substantial amounts of money over its lifespan.  In typical operation, being used 100 times daily, each Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 will reduce electricity bills by approximately 67% over the course of a year compared to a conventional design.

Impact on CO2 Emissions

Used 100 times each day, over the course of a year, a conventional hand dryer will be responsible for approximately 108KG of CO2 being released into the atmosphere through electricity generation.  Lower power consumption means less emissions.  At its standard power level, a more efficient design such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 dryer is responsible for just 35Kg of CO2 being released.

When compared to the use of paper towels, the environmental benefits of choosing an energy efficient Workplace Hand Dryer are even more telling.  The manufacture of paper towels is highly inefficient – the equivalent of 624KG of CO2 are released for every 100 daily uses over the course of a year, and paper towels also require the felling of 17 trees per tonne of paper used in their manufacture.  

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