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What are Workplace Hand Dryers

Whether you are specifying a major new office project, or refitting an existing building to be more energy efficient, the hand dryers that you choose for the bathrooms are key decision with long term cost implications.  Workplace Hand Dryers are designed for long lifespans and to be reliable in use to reduce the need for maintenance.

What do Workplace Hand Dryers do

Good hygiene is an important consideration in any environment whether you are managing a food production plant where staff need to protect produce from contamination, or a school where minimising the transmission of germs is vital at preventing disruption.

Workplace Hand Dryers are designed to be mounted in bathrooms and other hygiene areas to allow users to quickly remove moisture from their hands after washing while minimising waste.

Can Workplace Hand Dryers improve efficiency

Productivity in any workspace is important, and any steps that you can take to reduce time loss in a working day have a positive impact on overall productivity.  Conventional hand dryers can have a drying time of more than 30 seconds.  In an average workspace where they are used 100 times daily, this means that approximately 5 hours per day are lost to drying hands.  Modern Workplace Hand Dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 have a much faster drying time of around 10 seconds.  Over a single day, this can save more than 3 hours of working time, and over a full year, results in 750 hours of time saved – just under 19 weeks of standard hours!

Modern Workplace Hand Dryers also have the benefit of being more energy efficient.  The Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 model will reduce electricity costs by almost two thirds compared to a conventional design, which, in a larger workplace can mean a significant saving on energy bills.

Get Help Choosing the Right Workplace Hand Dryer

When specifying the Workplace Hand Dryers that you will use in your project, long term cost, workplace impact and maintenance requirements are key parts of your decision making process.  Contact us today to request a demonstration and get a quote for the full range of Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers.

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