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Finding the Best Hand Dryer for Your Hotel

Successful hotels combine a welcoming environment for guests with reliable facilities to generate a superb guest experience that offers a home from home and encourages guests to return.  Combining this with excellent back-office hygiene is important to ensure the health of guests and staff.

Avoid Noisy Disturbances

Hotel guests want a quiet space where they can enjoy their stay in peace.  Conventional hand dryers in public bathrooms can create a distraction that undermines the atmosphere, particularly in restaurant or lobby areas.  A typical evaporative hand dryer will emit as much as 83dB of noise during operation, which is the equivalent of nearby traffic and can easily disturb people in the surrounding area while drawing attention towards the bathrooms.  By comparison, a Mitsubishi Electric Wave dryer emits just 57dB of sound – which is quieter than a normal conversation and will stop disturbances.

Restaurant patrons want to enjoy their meal and conversation in peace, and the noise of hand dryers coming from the bathrooms is a distraction that can affect the atmosphere in tables nearby.  A conventional hand dryer runs at around 83dB – noisier than traffic – while the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 model emits just 57dB of sound – slightly quieter than a normal conversation, which means that they will not disturb your guests while they eat.

Good Hygiene is Essential

A primary consideration in any hospitality venue is preserving good hygiene.  This prevents the spread of infection to help avoid any problems for guests.  One of the most common complaints about hotels is a lack of cleanliness or poor standards among staff.  As such, choosing hand dryers for hygiene areas that are effective at stopping the spread of infection is vital.  

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers feature a no-touch design and are manufactured with anti-bacterial materials to stop the spread of germs.  This makes them ideal for both kitchen and public areas to protect guests’ health.

Keep Energy Costs Low

Along with good hygiene and less noise in the hotel, operating costs are a major concern.  In a busy hotel where hand dryers may be used more than 300 times daily, the annual running cost of a typical hand dryer would be around £1,000.  By comparison, using the energy efficient Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers would cost less than a third of this price.  When compared to paper towels the savings are even larger.  Aside from generating large amounts of waste that must be sent to landfill, the cost of paper towels is almost 20 times as high as that of the equivalent number of uses of a Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 hand dryer.

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