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Finding the Best Workplace Hand Dryer

When planning the hygiene facilities for any modern workplace, key considerations include how they will be used by staff, and how good implementation can help to minimise impact on productivity through both hygiene and interruptions to work.

Choosing the best hand dryer for the workplace means selecting a model which creates minimal disturbance, works quickly to reduce time away from tasks and improves hygiene while also reduces energy use.

Minimising disturbance and distraction

Workplace noise can distract staff from the task at hand, and in some environments be a health and safety risk.  Sound from hand dryers in a workplace bathroom can easily spread into surrounding office areas where the noise can affect concentration.

A conventional hand dryer emits around 83dB of noise and takes around 30 seconds to work fully.  The noise, which is the equivalent of heavy traffic can easily spread through walls into work areas where productivity may be affected.

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 emits much less noise in use – approximately 57dB – and works in as little as 10 seconds, which means that there is far less encroachment on working areas and staff can concentrate.

Reducing disruption and maximising productivity

Bathroom breaks are important for staff wellbeing, but over the course of a year, among a large number of staff, they can represent a lot of time lost to the business.

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers are much quicker in operation than conventional models.  Each drying cycle is approximately 20 seconds shorter.  This means that for every 100 staff in a workplace, choosing our designs will save the equivalent of 36 working days each year making the workplace more productive.

Improving Hygiene

During the pandemic, we learned that good hygiene is important in stopping the spread of illness in a workplace.  Reducing the opportunities for germs to be transmitted helps to keep staff healthy.

Regular hand washing (and effective drying) is essential, but minimising contact points is also vital.  

Jet hand dryers are far more effective at helping keep hands clean than warm air designs because jet dryers blow water off the surface of the hands without leaving a residue that might allow some bacteria to remain on the skin.  In addition to this, a no-touch design with automatic start/stop means that there is no contact where pathogens could be transferred from one person to another.

Keep Energy Costs Low

Rising energy costs are a concern for any business keen to maintain a strong margin.  Choosing more energy efficient appliances such as hand dryers that use less power is important in reducing both bills and carbon footprint.

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers use innovative ultra efficient jet design that makes them much cheaper to run than conventional models.  For every 100 daily uses, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 costs just £10 annually for every 100 daily uses compared to £33 for an equivalent evaporative hand dryer and is responsible for less than a third of the CO2 emissions.

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For more information about choosing the right hand dryer for use your workplace, we can help you.  Contact us today to request a demonstration of our range today or download our brochures.

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