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Hygiene and Electric Hand Dryers

Ensuring that bathrooms throughout your building are clean is an essential part of day-to-day cleaning and maintenance. Hygienic hand dryers are an important bathroom feature and choosing designs which support good hygiene both for users as well as cleaning and janitorial staff.

Antibacterial Materials

Preventing the spread of germs is important, and the use of antibacterial materials in the construction of Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers is a valuable feature. The antibacterial properties of surfaces on the dryer are achieved through embedding metal ions within the plastic resin which prevents bacteria from spreading and increasing their populations.

Air Filters

By filtering the air used to dry the user’s hands, you can help prevent the spread of airborne germs from one person to another. The Viraguard features used in Mitsubishi Electric Wave electric hand dryers ensure that clean air is blown onto the hands to remove water.

Ho Touch Hygienic Design

Sensors that detect when someone has put their hands into or under the dryer mean that the user does not need to touch the hand dryer to start the flow of air. By minimising contact, a no-touch design helps to limit the potential spread of germs from one person to another resulting in a healthier working or leisure environment.

More Effective Drying

A key way in which some modern electric hand dryers are cleaner is the use of jet technology to accelerate air over the user’s hands. With conventional hand dryers, the user would need to rub their hands together in a stream of warm air which causes the water to evaporate away. This can leave some germs behind on the skin if the hands are not fully clean. With jet hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01, the fast-moving air blows the water off the skin and into a small and easy to clean tank. This results in cleaner hands with every wash.

Find Out More

Choosing the best electric hand dryers to improve hygiene in your bathrooms means finding models which dry hands effectively and improve hygiene. Contact us to request a demo of our automatic no touch hand dryers to learn more about the different models in the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range.

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