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Efficiency of Electric Hand Dryers

The design of modern hand dryers is intended to create a more energy efficient appliance that works effectively and minimises disruption. Efficient electric hand dryers can significantly reduce the amount of electricity you use compared to alternative designs and paper towels.

How much energy do modern hand dryers use

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryer range has been designed to use ultra-efficient fan motors and innovative airflow management to increase their effectiveness while reducing energy use. 

The Wave u02 is incredibly efficient and works very quickly to dry the user’s hands. In eco mode, the dryer is rated at 490w of power – less than a sixth of an average kettle – and works in as little as 9 seconds!

Conventional hand dryers that rely on slow moving air and heaters take longer and consumer more power in use. In fact, based on five hundred uses per day over a year, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 could cost as little as £48 per year to run compared to £159 for a traditional design.

Alternatives to Hand Dryers

While paper towels do not require electricity to work, they do have a significant impact on the environment and your costs. Based on five hundred uses per day, paper towels could cost almost £1,500 annually.

Paper towels also have a significant environmental impact. For each one hundred daily uses of paper towels, over the course of a year 624Kg of CO2 is released into the environment. At the same usage levels, an energy efficient hand dryer will release just 35KG annually.

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Choosing hand dryers that are more efficient is better for the environment. Innovative design means that Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers work more quickly and use less energy. Contact us to request a demo and find out more.

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