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Are hand dryers fast?

In the past, hand dryers had a reputation for working slowly and being inefficient, leading to longer bathroom breaks, and high energy bills.  Old fashioned evaporative dryers were noisy and often a less hygienic choice, however modern jet hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range work much faster, use less energy and result in cleaner hands.

Drying Times for Hand Dryers

The design of traditional warm air hand dryers means that it can take an average of 35 seconds to fully dry the user’s hands.

Evaporative hand dryers work by blowing slow moving air over a heating element and then out through a nozzle.  The user rubs their hands together in the airflow to spread the moisture over their skin so that it can evaporate.

This method of drying hands is slow because the air temperature needs to be carefully controlled – not too warm to damage the skin, and not too cool to be ineffective.

Over time, as the components of an evaporative hand dryer age, the air speed can slow down and as a result the air is not heated as effectively which contributes to longer usage times.

Faster hand Drying with Jet Hand Dryers

Modern hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Wave i01 work in a completely different way.  Rather than using slow moving air and relying on evaporation, air is directed at high speed through a much narrower nozzle.  This air then blows the droplets of water straight off the skin.  There is no need for the user to rub their hands together, and nor is there any need to wait for the dryer to warm up.

As a result, hands can be dried much faster – in as little as 9 seconds!

Benefits of Faster Hand Drying

There are multiple benefits that faster hand dryers could bring to your workplace:

Lower Energy Bills

Switching away from slow evaporative hand dryers can help to reduce electricity bills.  The use of a combined heater and fan system coupled with a much longer usage time means that they are using a lot of energy.

Over the course of a year, for every 100 daily uses, the ultra-efficient design of the Mitsubishi Electric u02 hand dryer could save you £23 on electricity bills.

Improved Workplace Productivity

Over the course of a year, time lost to breaks in any business can build up substantially.  Reducing the length of a bathroom break by 20 seconds might not sound like much, but if you have 100 employees in a business, and each uses the bathroom twice a day, you will lose more than a million seconds of time each year – or 34 working days!

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