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Heights for Hand Dryers

While there are no specific regulations covering the height at which hand dryers should be installed, there are recommendations depending on usage and style that should be adhered to.

Mounting heights for Adults and Children

People come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to place dryers at an appropriate height for the widest possible audience. Typical mounting heights for hand dryers to make them comfortable to use are as follows:

  • Adult Males: 1,170mm
  • Adult Females: 1,120mm
  • Children aged 4–7: 810mm
  • Children aged 7–10: 910mm
  • Children aged 10–13: 1,020mm
  • Children aged: 13–17: 1,120mm

Hand Dryer Mounting Heights for Disabled Users

When installing a hand dryer in a disabled bathroom, it will need to be mounted in an accessible way in line with building regulations. The recommended heights for mounting a hand dryer are as follows:

  • Hands-in dryer: 875mm
  • Hands-under dryer: 940mm

Mounting Heights for hands in and Hands Under Dryers

When installing a hand dryer, you need to ensure that it is accessible. Hands-in dryers will need to be mounted lower on the wall than a hands under model so that the user can reach into them. The typical height for a hands-in dryer should be approximately 12CM lower than a hands under model.

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Choosing a more efficient hand dryer for the bathrooms in your building is important, but when installing them it is also essential that they are placed at the correct height to make their use as simple as possible. Contact us to request a demo.

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