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Choosing the Most Reliable Hand Dryers

In a busy office building or school with multiple bathrooms in use every day, it is important to have hand dryers that are reliable to ensure that users can maintain good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs.  If hand dryers are out of service, it can mean additional costs in the form of an alternative such as the provision of paper towels, repair bills, and also affect productivity if people need to use bathrooms that are further away from their work area.

What Can Stop Hand Dryers Working

Conventional hand dryers used a fan and heater to evaporate water from the user’s hands.  This, coupled with a button to switch the power on and off meant that there were multiple points of failure.  The use of less powerful motors in cheaper designs, along with manufacturing defects could also cause problems.

Modern jet hand dryers work in a different way.  Without the need for an inefficient heating system and a no-touch operation, along with advancements in motor design and carefully designed internal airflow, there are fewer things that could go wrong, and as a result, such hand dryers are much more reliable.

Common Issues with Hand Dryers

The fan motor is the most common failure point on a hand dryer – although it is rarely the source of the problem.  Hand dryers push large amounts of air through their fan, and this is drawn in through a filter.  If the filter is blocked or constricted, the motor needs to work much harder than normal, and this can affect performance as well as increasing the risk of burnout.

Regularly cleaning the air filter to remove dust build-up ensures that airflow is uninterrupted and reduces stress on the motor to prolong its life.

Automatic hand dryers rely on a sensor to detect the user’s hands and turn on the fan.  If this sensor is not cleaned regularly, it can become obscured which can cause the dryer to stop operating.

As part of the regular cleaning process, the face of the sensor should be wiped down to remove any dirt or water stains to allow it to work correctly.

Some cheaper hand dryers use an antibacterial coating on materials which can be scratched and damaged.  With the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range, silver ions are integrated into the casing and so cannot be affected by minor surface abrasions.

Parts Availability

An important consideration when choosing a hand dryer is whether replacement parts are available in the event that it stops working and needs repair.  A common issue with some cheaper models is that parts are harder to find.  If parts are not available, the hand dryer cannot be mended and would need to be disposed of.  Choosing hand dryers from well-known manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric ensures that you will have access to guaranteed parts and a service warranty in the event of failure.

Find Out More

To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of low maintenance hand dryers and learn more about how our engineering heritage helps to create a more reliable solution for your needs, please contact us to arrange a demo.

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