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Choosing a Hands Free Hand Dryer

Older hand dryers that use warm air technology could be costing your business thousands of pounds each year in wasted energy and loss of productivity.  Traditional warm air hand dryers are slow, noisy, and inefficient.  Switching to more modern hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 and u02 that use innovative jet technology could help.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Older hand dryers use inefficient heaters to warm the air that they blow out over the user’s hands.  This heat is lost into the environment and results in much higher electricity.  Modern hand dryers like the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 use fast moving jets of air to blow water straight off the skin which uses around one third of the amount of electricity as older devices.

Faster Hand Drying

The technology and design of modern hand dryers means that they work much faster than traditional models.  Using fast moving air to remove moisture after hand washing reduces drying times to as little as 11 seconds.  This could mean less time spent in bathrooms to reduce congestion at busy times and improve productivity over time.

The Latest Quiet Hand Dryers

Wide air nozzles, and a lack of sound proofing means that older hand dryers can be as noisy as busy traffic in use.  This noise can leak into surrounding areas causing major distraction and even be a health and safety risk.  Choosing more modern, quieter hand dryers can reduce the noise levels to a whisper and make your workplace a more peaceful and pleasant environment.

More Effective Hand Drying

Good hand hygiene is essential to protect health.  With traditional hand dryers, the warm air can leave a residue of germs and soap on the skin, as well as creating opportunities for bacteria to spread from surfaces.  More modern hand dryers with no-touch operation mean fewer ways for bacteria to spread, while the fast-moving air means less residue is left on the skin.

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