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What is a Good Hand Dryer

When choosing hand dryers for your bathrooms, it is important to select the models which best suit your needs. Mitsubishi Electric Wave dryers keep running costs low without compromising on effectiveness.

Maintaining Good Hygiene

Ensuring cleanliness is the main function of a good hand dryer. No touch, automatic designs reduce the amount of contact which reduces the spread of germs. The use of anti-bacterial materials in the construction of Mitsubishi Electric Wave dryers further reduces the risk of contamination to improve workplace health.

Fast Hand Drying

Our hand dryers blow water away from the skin with narrow, carefully directed jets of fast-moving air. This is much quicker than traditional designs which relied on using slow moving warm air to evaporate the moisture. Faster hand drying means less energy use and reduces the amount of time people need to spend in the bathroom and helps to prevent queues.

Choosing a Good Hand Dryer for Your Needs

Energy Efficiency

The use of ultra-efficient motors for the fans, and the use of ducting designs that minimise turbulence mean that Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers waste less energy than competing designs. This means lower running costs, and lower carbon emissions which help you reach your sustainability targets.

Quieter In Use

The noise from conventional hand dryers can be highly disruptive in the workplace or in schools. Jet hand dryers reduce the amount of noise produced by using a directed jet of air that causes less air turbulence while also featuring quieter fans and sound deadening to ensure whisper quiet operation.

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Speak to a member of our team today to discover the difference that Mitsubishi Electric Wave quiet hand dryers can make. Request a demonstration to see our products in operation or buy online easily and securely.

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