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Reducing Energy Consumption from Hand Dryers

During the planning process for a new building fit-out, it is possible to make significant long term energy use reductions using more energy efficient appliances including hand dryers.

How much energy do hand dryers use

Conventional hand dryers are typically rated between 750w and 1500w for power use.  In a medium sized office building with ten bathrooms and two hand dryers in each, this can build up to a large amount of energy use each year.

If each of the hand dryers is used 50 times each day, it will mean that over the course of a year the total bill for electricity for if conventional hand dryers are used could be as high as £320.

By specifying hand dryers such as Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 instead which use as little as 560w and have much shorter drying times, the energy consumption could be reduced significantly.  At the same usage levels and current pricing, the electricity costs would be less than £100 annually – a saving of more than 60%

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Conventional hand dryers use a combination of a fan and heater to dry hands, and it is this design that results in their high energy use.  As businesses and building owners aim to achieve net zero, it is important to look at all areas of operations to increase efficiency. 

Because Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers use less energy, they contribute to much lower overall emissions.  In the situation outlined above, the conventional hand dryers would lead to more than 1 tonne of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.  By comparison, the emissions resulting from equivalently used efficient hand dryers would be approximately 320KB – around one third.

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