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Specifying Hand Dryers for Buildings

During the process of construction and fitting out a building, it is important to consider ways to reduce energy consumption and create an environment that is hygienic and supports the needs of users. Whether you are in the process of specifying the hand dryers for a school, factory, or office building, there are considerations that should form part of your decision-making process.

How Many Hand Dryers You Need

Building occupancy and capacity are key factors that will contribute to the number of bathrooms and hygiene facilities that will need to be specified.  The number of hand dryers installed in a building will have cost implications in terms of both the initial acquisition, but also the ongoing cost of maintenance and energy use.  Choosing more efficient, faster hand dryers can reduce the initial investment and reduce overall project costs as well as longer term running costs.

Improving Energy Efficiency

As businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint and cut expenditure on energy bills, specifying more efficient appliances throughout a building can contribute to the goal of achieving net zero faster.

Impact of Bathroom Design and hand Dryer Placement

The location of bathrooms in your building may impact on the surrounding areas.  Noise from hand dryers can be a distraction in schools and office environments and undermine the atmosphere in restaurants.  Quieter hand dryers give you more flexibility about bathroom layout and creates a more enjoyable environment for building users. Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers use their patented Wave Nozzle® technology which breaks down the air turbulence which not only increases drying efficiency it also further reduces noise, making them the quietest premium hand dryers available.

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