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Where to Place Hand Dryers

Replacing the hand dryers in bathrooms throughout your building, it is important to ensure that they are placed correctly. Their location should consider the flow of users through the facility, be in line with regulations, and ensure that are located to encourage their use and help improve overall hygiene.

Installing Hand Dryers at the Correct Height

Depending on who will be using your bathrooms and they type of hand dryer you are installing, you will need to mount them on the wall at an appropriate height. The Disability Discrimination Act requires that hand dryers be mounted between 875mm and 940mm above the ground for accessibility. If children will be using the hand dryers, you will need to mount them at an accessible height above the ground depending on age. Adult users in segregated bathrooms will also benefit from different heights, with hand dryers in male bathrooms typically mounted 50mm higher than in female bathrooms.

Correct Location in The Bathroom

Hand dryers need to be mounted safely away from sources of water to protect them and their users. In most cases, the dryers would be positioned between the wash basins and the exit to prevent crowding. To prevent noise escaping from the bathroom and maintain privacy when the dryers are in use, you should avoid positioning them in an unprotected area.

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Choosing a more efficient hand dryer for the bathrooms in your building is important, but when installing them it is also essential that they are placed to make their use as simple as possible. Contact us to request a demo.

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