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Choosing Hand Dryers for Offices

Modern office buildings need to be efficient and quiet to create a workspace that allows for improved productivity while also creating a good environment for staff.  Improving office facilities helps to encourage more workers to attend the office rather than working remotely, which can have a positive impact on morale and staff retention.

When refurbishing office bathrooms with new hand dryers there are several things to consider:

Can hand dryers reduce energy use?

When replacing older hand dryers with more modern models, you should consider what the long term cost of ownership will be including how much energy the new dryers will use, and what their impact will be on your business’ carbon emissions.

Can you reduce distraction and improve workplace productivity?

Noisy offices can negatively affect the ability of staff to concentrate and carry out their day to day tasks.  Choosing quieter hand dryer designs can help to reduce distractions in the workplace and help to make staff more productive without being disturbed. Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers utilise their patented Wave Nozzle® technology which breaks down air turbulence which not only reduces the noise, it also increases drying efficiency.

How can you improve hygiene to reduce staff days lost to sickness?

The pandemic led to  increased awareness of the need for good hand hygiene in preventing the transmission of germs in the workplace.  Choosing a hygienic design for hand dryers can help to improve workplace health and safety and reduce sickness among staff.

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The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers is ideally suited to use in office improvement projects.  Read more about the range below:

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To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of low noise hand dryers and find out how they could reduce disturbance in your workplace please contact us to arrange a demo or request a quote.

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